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05-Nov-2017 17:48

Having silenced or ignored all men who might be sexually harassed, the media proceeded to treat sexual harassment in the most gendered way humanly possible, constantly reinforcing that only men can do it and only women can suffer it.The Guardian, being commendably honest about its priorities: We Must Challenge All Men About Sexual Harassment.Opinium, which sounds like a weird drug, reports 20% of women vs. You Gov poll in Germany finds 43% of women and 12% of men.The overall rates vary widely depending on how the pollsters frame the question, but the ratio is pretty consistent. The best I can find is this Australian study finding that 21% of harassers are women. I’m less confident on this one, but 20% seems like a conservative guess.Needless to say, every line of evidence we have shows men are less likely to report harassment that happens to them than women are. I mean, for one thing, we’re telling people to stop using the phrase “pregnant mothers” since sometimes transgender men get pregnant.It seems kind of contradictory to think of this as a pressing issue, but also think that the fact that only 30% of harassment victims are men means that we should always use female pronouns for generic harassment victims, and always generically call perpetrators “males in position of power”. Suppose I write about how we need to do more to support the victims of terrorism. But what if I write about how we need to do more to support the Christian victims of Muslim terrorism? If I write story after story about how Christians need to be on the watch out for Muslim terrorists, but Muslims need to be on the watch out for other Muslims being terrorists, and if I tell Muslim victims of Christian terrorism to stay silent because that’s not “structural oppression” – then that “maybe” turns to “obviously”.On the meta-level, the same publications pushed the narrative that men can’t possibly understand sexual harassment, or men will never believe accusers’ stories, or men refuse to believe other men can be harassers.

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) Could this kind of ploy really shut up everybody? Men absolutely came forward with stories of harassment by high-profile women in Hollywood, and they were summarily ignored.I went up to get a drink in a crowded bar and a rather large woman ruffled my hair and said ‘I like this one’. Then for what it’s worth I’ve been sexually harassed by two women, and I see no reason to think my experience is anything other than typical.But then is it odd that so few of the recent high-profile victims of sexual harassment have been men, and so few of the high-profile perpetrators women? Everyone has made it clear from the start that they don’t want to hear about this.But she didn’t even publish an apology, or a denial, or try to pick holes in his story.

She just assumed nobody would care – and she was right.Newsweek worries about how Women Are Attacked By Men In Almost Every Workplace.